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  • DSP Constructors is a premier builder specialized in concrete, carpentry, earthwork, and demolition. We offer safe, high quality construction services focused on building relationships with our clients. 


  • We Provide:

    Greater Control of Schedule

    We offer flexibility when working with our skilled trades. Our ability to adjust the schedule, maintain a reliable workforce, and work with each unique job allows us to deliver high quality service.

    Quick Start Capabilities

    Providing reliable service and greater accountability means we are able to staff the team needed and sustain that team throughout every job. We are also able to present a project team with a quick response to your needs.

    Proven Approach to Safety

    We promote an industry-leading, proactive approach to safety that features continuous training in safe building practices. Our mandatory Safety Program is the MIOSHA supported Safe2Work Program. EMR = 0.61

    Uniform Quality Assurance

    The best way to achieve the highest quality in precision finishes throughout an entire job is through our quality control/quality assurance plan (QA/QC). 

  • We Utilize Leading Edge Technology:


    TRAC2 , our Team Resource and Communication Center, is a web-based project management program that allows all members of a project team to collaborate and communicate in real-time. Communication and document control are critical to a projects success. TRAC2 allows us to simplify a project experience and provide consistent communication.


    SDI-Finishline is a mobile data collection tool that allows users to accurately and quickly document/report issues while in the field or in the office.