Great Ape Skylight System

The installation of the Great Ape Skylight System for the Detroit Zoo was a two phase project. DeMaria was the general contractor on the job and selected DSP to complete concrete and carpentry work. There were many challenges involved with this project. Most importantly, the team’s first priority was to be mindful of the keepers’ and animals’ needs and safety at all times.

The zoo has limited space to house the animals, so by reducing their area to complete the work, our team had to be as efficient and work as quickly as possible in order to get the animals back in their habitat. With only a small freight elevator to get equipment down into the dayroom to work, access to the building was difficult. Crane access was also challenging because the location of the Ape Exhibit is in the center of the park and the roads and paths are winding and narrow.

DSP’s scope included:

  • Set up and installation of shoring, scaffolding of the precast planks, and temporary skylight protection during construction
  • Selective demolition of existing precast / skylights
  • Rough carpentry and steel angle around openings
  • Finalized with touch-up painting