Rosa Parks Transit Center

The Rosa Parks Transit Center is Michigan’s largest international intermodal transit center. Managed and owned by the Detroit Department of Transportation, the facility provides a single transfer point for commuters in and out of downtown Detroit with state-of-the-art amenities.

The 24-hour center provides a covered, well-lit outdoor facility with 15 bus bays, and a two-bay taxi stand. The three-story building features a climate-controlled waiting area, passenger seating, restrooms, transit services, a restaurant, and retail space. Passengers can take advantage of the Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) system to view arrival and departure times for DDOT buses. The AVL system allows bus riders to view route schedules in real-time on centrally located display monitors.

The most distinctive feature is a tensile fabric roof that covers the concourse and bus way. Made of a stain-resistant, highly durable blend of Teflon and fiberglass, the sail-like canopy design protects riders from inclement weather, while letting in natural sun light.

DSP worked as a subcontractor to DeMaria completing concrete foundations, canopy foundations, walls, and architectural concrete.